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children at wedding but no babies

I have 8 cousins from age 7 to age 15.  I am inviting them to the wedding because they are very well behaved.  But is it rude to invite those kids, but not babies?  A few of my friends have babies (under the age of 2) and I really dont want them there.  One of them is my maid of honor, and I have a strong feeling she will end up bringing him and I really dont want him or any other babies there. 

My real questions is, is it rude to invite older kids, but not babies?  
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Re: children at wedding but no babies

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    I personally think it is. My wedding had babies, and kids of all ages, and right as I was about to make my "grand entrance" into the church to walk down the aisle, one of my friends babies started to howl! I didn't even care, she was however the first to see me because she came out of the church with the baby. It was no big deal, I didn't even care at that time. I have some wonderful photos of new babies and of the kids at the wedding, they have waaaaay more fun than most of the adults, so I was super happy they were there. These are your friends and family and you knew who they were before the wedding. Just my opinion.
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    You could do what Milkduds said, and technically you would be fine.  It's okay to have cut-offs like "family only" or "bridal party only" or whatever.

    I would find it kinda rude if your cut-off was "above 2 years old" or something.  To me, if I were a mother, I'd be far more likely to come to your wedding and just hire a babysitter if I had a 7 year old than if I had a 2 year old or younger.  If I had a 2 year old or younger, I'd probably just stay home.

    BTW, the fact that one of them is your MOH really bothers me.  If your MOH is that important, you won't let her bring her baby?  I'm sorry, I just don't get it.  I really don't think babies ruin weddings like people tend to fear. 

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