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Hi Everyone! I am new to the Knot and am looking for some help. My fiance and I are from NY and are planning a July 2010 wedding in the Bozeman area. Only 8 guests will be coming with us to the actual wedding. I am having a difficult time finding somewhere in Bozeman for us all to go eat a private (or semi-private) dinner. We want something unique to MT on our menu; elk, bison, etc. Somewhere nice, but not too stuffy or pricey, either. I'm also looking for a florist and a bakery for a small cake. I never thought it would be so crazy trying to plan my wedding, but I guess I can't expect easy when planning a destination wedding. I would appreciate any suggesstions, extremely appreciative of them actually. Thanks so much!

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    Your best bet might be a local hotel in Bozeman, they have a lot of different packages depending on which hotel you choose. I'm in Billings so I'm sorry I can't help you more, hopefully one of the Bozeman brides can provide a little more insight.

    I googled Bozeman, MT wedding venue and came up with a few options.

    Good Luck!
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    I'm from the Bozeman area and now of several great restaurants! I don't know if they do private parties, but at least you could have some leads to search. These are all very nice places where you can order something "Montana".

    John Bozeman's Bistro
    Montana Ale Works
    Gallatin Gateway Inn
    Emerson Grill
    Ted's Montana Grill
    Looie's Down Under
    Boodles (if they've reopened after blast)
    Gallatin River Lodge (west of Bozeman)
    Over the Tapas (more Spanish than Montanan...but delicious!)

    There's a few for you to check out.

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    I'm getting married  in Bozeman in June (Born and raised here) Here's what I can pass along to you!

    For flowers we're using Jennifer at the Posie Patch. It's in Belgrade but its honestly way cheaper then Bozeman florists. For cake I would recommend Sydney with Deliciously Beautiful Cakes. Her cakes taste and look amazing. Becky at Custom Dinning Experiances is really reasonable priced for food and also  can customize a menu that's authentic montana

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    check out ted's mt grill... downtown, they have an outdoor patio (bison, steak, so on)
    you can get really pretty fresh flowers from costco (you would need someone to put the together for you though)

    a good hotel is Homewood Suites - talk to Alexis (tell her I sent you!)
    you get a room with kitchen and it's kinda like an appartment - but rustic

    not sure about the cake - my sis makes amazing cakes though (i could ask her if you wanted...)

    Good luck!!
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