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Waaaaaa death in the hair straightener

So I have had a sedu flat iron for about 3-4 years and it was okkk I guess...and of course I did t ask Santa for one and mine died on Christmas. :'-(. In need of the best hair straightener for thick long hair that can be used everyday just about and gets up to 400 degrees if not more. Any hair stylist out there.?.?.?

Re: Waaaaaa death in the hair straightener

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    I have heard great things about CHI products. Their original flat iron gets up to about 405 degrees. My friend who is a receptionist at a salon swears by it.

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    I used to swear by CHI.  I've got long thick natural curly hair, and it was amazing for close to 10 years.  I think I shorted it out though travelling.  Anyway, when I went to buy another one, my stylist wouldn't sell me one anymore.  She sold me a Paul Mitchel one instead, saying the quality of CHI has been declining lately.  Mine has a temperature dial on it to control the temp up to about 400-450F.  If you go to a reputable hair salon, they should be able to sell you a similar one of good quality.  Mine was around $150.  The cheap $30 ones from WalMart don't get hot enough for my hair

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    I love my CHI straightener. I have thick curly hair, best thing i ever bought.
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    i have thick long hair and ive heard good things about paul mitchell..

    chi has gone down alot in the years, it used to be top notch, not its half price in tj maxx,

    my suggestion is to go to a salon and tell them your in the market, and ask them what they recommended and even have them try theres on a couple strands and go to several salons, you can read the back of boxes all you want but seeing how someones products works on your hair itsself is the best!!!
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    Just a general question: These flat irons don't break your hair? I'm just wondering since my old salon used to use flat irons and I felt it was breaking my hair. 
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Waaaaaa death in the hair straightener</a>:
    [QUOTE]Just a general question: These flat irons don't break your hair? I'm just wondering since my old salon used to use flat irons and I felt it was breaking my hair. 
    Posted by JadziaDax[/QUOTE]

    <div>Do you mean damage hair??  If that's so, they sure do, just like any intense heating product will.  But for me, it's the only thing I do.  I've never colored or highlighted my hair, so it's pretty healthy to begin with.  You can also get products that help protect you hair from heat.  I get split ends and such, but I'd get them anyway, and my hair is a mess without it.  I tell you, if I had one of these back in junior high, life would have been very different!!  ;)</div>

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    In Response to <a href="">Re:Waaaaaa death in the hair straightener</a>:
    [QUOTE]I used to have a chi and honestly, I wasn't super impressed for the price.
    Posted by StageManager14[/QUOTE]

    <div>I agree with this. I have super thick curly hair... and I had a CHI and I didn't love it. I now use a Remington Wet2Straight that I got at Target for around $30. It gets really hot, and you can use it on damp hair, which I like because it saves me a step by not having to blow dry and it makes my hair way way way more shiny.</div>
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    My original CHI, from about 10 years ago, was amazing. The new one I have doesn't get as hot, I think it is called Chi Pro or Chi Air. 
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