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hey so when i bought my dress we got a goody bag with a bunch of gift certificates and such in it and one of them was for a chiropractice clinic

i would love to use this as my back is always tight (i have terrible posture and carry around heavy school bags all day)

one thing is im terrified of the chiropracter! lol
i saw my friend go to one before and the way he would just snap her ... freaked me out haha

can anyone please reassure me! i dont want this to go to waste :P

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    I would check with your doctor first to make sure there is not reason that you shouldn't go.  There sometimes are.
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    RachelR0282RachelR0282 member
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    The chiropractor really helped my neck and lower back.  It didn't bother me when he cracked my back. Everytime he cracked my neck I was nervous but, it the always made me feel better. When the chiropractor is adjusting you just try to relax, although that is easier said then done.  Be prepared to be sore after your first adjustment. 
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    My grandpa used to get terrible headaches and the doctor could not figure out what was wrong with him after trying all sorts of treatments.  Out of desperation, he went to a chriropracter and after one adjustment, his headaches were gone.

    I had to go when I was younger because I was in a car accident and had minor whiplash.  I remember them doing some massage and electropulse-something therapy.  Then they would do an adjustment at the very end.  Worked like a charm :)

    So obviously I am pro-chiropracter.
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    junieolivejunieolive member
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    I am of the mind that chiropractors are pseudoscientific nonsense.  That's my personal feeling, but scientific studies have never shown that there is a benefit to their services.  I think that physical therapy is a better option, but that is JMO.  I know people who swear by them but I would rather go with a doctor or physical therapist.  In fact if you are just a little tight wouldn't a massage work just as well, instead of having someone mess around with your spine?
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    thanks haha it just looked like the guy was like snapping my friends neck off which freaks me out but from what ive heard theres different options than that which is good! :P

    my certificate is for the initial appointment like an x-ray or something to see what needs to be done and then for the actual session
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    Ali092011Ali092011 member
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    I got a gift certificate once for a consultation with a chiropractor, and I decided to commit to a full year of treatment before I brushed it off. I always felt really good right after an adjustment, but a day later, I felt the same again. I started getting adjusted three times a week, and that helped, but it was prohibitively expensive for me. Even when I started improving and was "weaned down" to getting adjusted every other week, it was just too much money. By the time I was only going once a month, it wasn't even helping anymore, but I couldn't afford to go more often. So I just kinda stopped going.

    I should add that I went for tension headache treatment and just general wellness. Also, I have no insurance, so it might have been more affordable if I'd only had a co-pay. But unfortunately, the expense couldn't be justified.
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