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Hello All,

My sister in law comes here quite a bit and suggested that I post about our quilts group here. So here it goes!

I work with a great group of family and friends making quilts for those that are less fortunate. We make the quilts year round and then give them to the local shelters, as well as hand them out directly to those that live on the streets during the winter. Our quilts are not the prettiest quilts ever made, but they do help those that receive them keep warm.

Most of the items we use in the making of the quilts are donated to us. We use many items in the making of the quilts. The item that we always seem to be the most short of are bras.

We take old bras and cut them up into pieces we can use. The main thing we use are the straps, sides and hooks to fashion handles for the quilts that also keep them rolled up when they are not being used. We then use what material is left for the stuffing/batting inside the quilts. We feel it is much better to use the bras for a great cause and also keep them from ending up in landfills!

Since we cut the bras up into pieces we can use, the condition of the bras does not matter. They can be any size, any color, any style, any brand, etc... The bras can be worn out, stretched out, have holes, rips, broken wires, stains, etc..

We launder everything we receive before we use it in the quilts and the bras are typically cut up to a point that you can hardly tell they were bras once they are on the quilts.

I was wondering if any of you would consider donating your old bras that you no longer wear or want to us for our project? If so you may email us at or post here.

Thank you and God Bless,


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