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Am I too old? Help!!

I am getting married next September. I will be 35 and my husband to be will be 30 at the time of the wedding. I am divorced, and was married for about 12 years, and we did not have a "real" wedding. My fiance' has never been married, and I really wanted us to have a really special wedding.
Here is my dilema, we are planning a large wedding and I am really excited...but I am just wondering, am I too old to be a bride, is this inappropriate to have a nice big wedding at this age and being a second marriage for me?

Re: Am I too old? Help!!

  • I am 31 and my FI is going to be 40 when we get married and we are having a "big" wedding. So in my opinion you are not too old
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  • You are never too old to marry the love of your life! Each of our journeys are different, but if they end in love and commitment, then they deserve to be celebrated. Have the wedding you want, definitely.

    Ill be 31, almost 32, when I get married next November, and I plan on having a traditional ceremony. My friend was widowed when she was 28 and is getting remarried the March after me, and she is having a smaller ceremony than her first, but its still a big party afterwards.
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  • Your not old at all, enjoy the planning your big wedding!!
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  • Of course you aren't too old!  Best wishes!
  • There are many women who dont ger married until they are way older. So i dont feel that you are too old. All that matters is that you feel that you are marring the right person. And if you feel that way, then you have nothing to worry about. Love doesnt care how old you are. Wink
  • Have a big wedding & have fun doing it!

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  • My FI was married for 20 yrs,they were married at the JOP. I have been married twice,first was the formal church wedding,second JOP. But my FI and I know this is it,I'm 43 he'll be 48 at our wedding.And he wanted us to do it up right. It's not large,just us and our kids.But it'll be formal.And we cant wait to celebrate the beginning of our married life together.GL and have a great wedding you want.
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  • So long as you can afford it and plan a wedding that keeps your guests comfort in mind, I think you can have any wedding you want at any age/stage in life. 

    If you were having your 3rd wedding in 5 years I might feel differently.  Other than something like that - enjoy your wedding day in whatever size/scope/dress/etc. that makes you happy.
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  • Thanks to all! I feel much better. After a long unhappy, unhealthy marriage, I am finally happy and I do want to celebrate! And I really want it to be beautiful.
    Now to get all the details planned out...sigh, I have really realized, I have no idea what I am doing lol Looks like this is a great place to get ideas and support from others!
  • you're never too old to have the wedding of your dreams.

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  • I'm 35, so no, I don't believe that you are "too old" to be a bride.  Have the wedding you want.  Best Wishes!
  • Not to sound mean, but the wedding isn't just about you.  You said this is your FI's first marriage, so don't be so concerned about how YOU will look at this wedding.  The wedding is just as much about him as it is about you.  Take pleasure in watching him on your wedding day, and think about the wedding as being more for him than for you if that makes you more comfortable.
  • Next month, I will marry the man of my dreams at a celebration I have enjoyed making into an elaborate affair.  He is 43 and I am 38. 

    Best wishes to you!
  • I'm 39, my H is 31, we just got married this past March, and we did the whole big formal thing, with me in the big fluffy dress.  Pix in bio.
  • MY FI will be 36 at our wedding. First one for both of us, but still.
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  • Wow! I am sorry that you feel "too old" to be going through this process. No one is ever to old to be loved, happy or blessed! You said that you really did'nt have a "real" wedding the first time, and this will be his first marriage, so why not focus on that? Focus on you finding love again, having this amazing man in your life and you two creating the best day possible!

    I hope that you guys have a beautiful wedding! CONGRATS & BEST WISHES!
  • NEVER! Age shouldnt depend on the size of your wedding! You can be too young, but never too old! Good luck
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