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I was just engageed. September is my wedding month. Everybody says wow you have plenty of time. I feel over whelmed already and I just started planning. Whew! My wedding is very simple I do not want any wedding dress that I have to spend 600 dollars to wear once. So if anybody can tell me where to go to find a nice dress for not alot of money that a Bride can look good in please feel free. I am also looking for a place my made of honor and brides maid can get a dress that is in my color theme but is not expensive. Any advice also on where to get nice baskets for I am making my own flower boquet for the wedding. Any other advice on other reception areas, food, cakes, all of the above for a wedding I would apprieciate it. LOL thank you.

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    Congrats! Yes you do have time, but not THAT much time!! My wedding is in August and my fiance proposed last August so we'll have had a full year to plan it, but I definately feel like we could have done it in 8 months so no worries.
    Don't feel overwhelmed, use the checklist on the knot cuz its awesome! I saw another post you mentioned you were looking into the Billings Hotel & Convention Center. Their package is very similar to the Holiday Inn as well, but I was at a wedding at the Blgs Hotel and it was gorgeous. Davids Bridal constantly runs $99 dress sales and if you are looking for something a little more simple anyway you can likely find something there for cheaper. Check out online. If you wait until after prom to check the department stores I bet you'll find amazing half off deals on dresses but that would be around June, not sure if you want to wait that long.

    Micheals would probably be a good place to start on the baskets. Every other weekend, the saturday paper has two 40% off coupons for one item at Micheals, if you pace yourself and use both of them the weekend they come out you can save a great deal there on more then just baskets, they have favors, diy invitations, decor, and much more!!

    If you go with the hotel for your place, you have to use them to cater so the food would all be through the hotel. If you end up somewhere else, Montana Jacks is very reasonable for catering and has a lot of bonuses in their packages. 

     In all of my research the hotel is the best way to go because most everywhere else you have to rent everything seperately, the plates, silverware, etc. I've heard Oscars in the heights is a really nice and cheap place, although I haven't seen it for myself. A lot of other girls on the boards have chosen it though so you'll want to call for availability asap. The zoo is very expensive but pretty for outdoor wedding, chancey's is way to expensive. On like 22nd and grand there is a place called knights of columbus that i'd never even paid attention to until i got engaged lol. I haven't seen them either but I think their prices are reasonable.

    Flowers at IGA are very reasonable if you decide not to do them yourself, but doing them yourself will definately save you the most money. As for cake, IGA and cake creations have the best prices. Cake Creations is in the heights and listed if you google it or look it up in the phone book. They are VERY expensive though so if you know someone who would be able to bake it for you, that would be your best bet. You could also go with the new rave and have a cupcake tree with just a small top tier wedding cake for you to cut into. OR you could have a "fake" cake made with one tier to cut into, like styrophome tiers and then have sheet cakes in the back that are cut and served, I've seen that too.

    Officiant, i recommend Patricia Clark she is awesome and has her own website if you google her to get more info. She is only $150 to marry you and $50 to do the rehearsal. No pre-classes, and has been extremely helpful. She also plans and coordinates weddings but wasn't in my budget to do that part of it. Plus as you can see from my very long post I have done my own research!!

    Let me know what other things you are thinking about and I'll let you know what I have found out about them. The first thing to do is set your budget and find a place!

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    Another option for your wedding dress is to look for bridesmaid dress that can be ordered in white/ivory.  It will save you a lot of money.
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