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I have a future stepdaughter that has been a part of my life since she was 3. (now 8). We have a good relationship and she respects me. Shes too big to be a flower girl, so for my wedding she will be a junior bridesmaid. I asked her what she wanted to do for thewedding to involve her and she wanted to decorate bubbles to pass out to the guests, which we did together. She will be a part of the ceremony (walking down the aisle) and then at the cocktail hour for some food.  We live in Pa and are getting married in NJ by my parents house. The day of the wedding she will be with me and the girls in the morning for hair and makeup. After that I am going back to my parents house and will need help getting ready for the big day. I therefore asked my future mother in law to take her with her and get her dressed and remain clean and pressed before the church. My fiance feels I am completly excluding her by not taking her to my parents house and getting her dressed before the church. I feel she is included in a lot and I just want an hour or 2 with my sisters, mom and best friend to focus on getting me dressed and ready to walk down the aisle. She can meet us at the church and be with us then after. Is two hours with adults and some mimosas before the walk down the aisle being selfish and excluding her?? She is only 8 and I have included her in a lot. I am also the one that has bought everything for her to wear for the rehearsal dinner, wedding and afterwards. Yet I am still excluding her cause I want time to myself....UGH WHAT DO YOU THINK!? 
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