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How to get beautiful skin in short time?

Hey guys tell me some effective tips so that we can remove winkles and lines on the skins.  Tell me name of best market product  so that we can remove it in short time.



Re: How to get beautiful skin in short time?

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    Facials!! Love them, can't live without them. Of course, don't get one any closer than 3 weeks before your wedding unless you've been going to the same esthetician for over a year and they really know your skin. 

    But I would recommend finding a great place in your area and get a facial for your best skin ever!
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    I'm telling you it a lot of what you are eating. Stay away from greasy fried foods and eat as many vegetables as possible. Clean whole foods are the way to go. Also don't go to bed with make up on and only exfoliate every once in a while. Drink loft is water instead of juices and soda. The chemicals, high fructose corn syrup and aspartame aren't good for you. Staying hydrated is better than any moisturizer or anti oxidant out there.
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