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Response Card Logistics

I have heard that when people send out their invites they put a number on the back of the response card so if the person forgets to write their name they know who the response came from. Is this true? Did anyone do this? Please let me know! Thanks :)

Re: Response Card Logistics

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    I personally didn't do that, but it's not bad idea.   I only had one couple forget to put on their name.  I looked at the postmark and luckily there was only one couple from their so it was easy to figure out.

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    I recently heard about this, and I did it! I think it's great, because people may forget. It can't hurt. If anyone asks what it's for, just tell them. It's not tacky or rude. 
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    I wanted to do this but I totally forgot about it until it was too late.  I did write the names of some of my elderly guests on the line for them already.
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    I heard of this and thought it was great advice. I will be doing this for sure. People said if you don't want it to be seen, you can use a white crayon.
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    We did it, and thank god because we had a few that left it blank!
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    Ok now I am so doing this now, thanks for the idea. #78 lol.......

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    I did it mom will be getting the response cards so it will keep her from having to call me everytime someone forgets to put their name on the card.
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