Hair issues!!!

I am looking for someone who does haor extensions for a reasonable price.  I have looked into a few places in the Helena area but am not finding what I am looking for.  I really need someone who will take the time but not charge me a full wedding budget. 
Also someone suggested the Jessica Simpson clip in extensions but I am not sure how they look as I have never seen anyone use them..
 I am in the Helena area but am willing to travel to Great Falls, Bozeman or Missoula to get my hair extensions done.  Thanks everyone who has helped!

Re: Hair issues!!!

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    I know a girl that uses the Jessica Simpson one's all the time and I didn't know they were real.  The first time I saw her, her hair was short and then the next really long and there wasn't enough time in between for her hair to grow that much!

    Also, have you been to If not, they have quite a few vendors on there and you can request their catalog which has a lot of MT vendors in it.  It's been very helpful for me!
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    Shawna Branson at Calvin's in Bozeman is great according to an industry insider.  The number at Calvin's is 406-586-8050
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