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So, on Saturday my dog got out our back yard through the gate that looks like it broke at the latch somehow. My step-dad said he let him outside around 8:15pm and when he wasn't coming back up to the porch he went into the yard to look for him. My family and I have spent since then looking all over for him. We have posted flyers, commented all over facebook about it, asked neighbors and friends if they have seen him, listed him as lost on some lost dog websites, listed him as lost on craigslist, alerted the illinois department of transporation, vet offices, animal control, animal shelters and the police department. I've had my german shepherd, Fritz, for over 10 years now. There's not much else we can do but wait. I miss him so badly :(.

I was at work that night until about 10:45pm. Well, after I had posted on facebook about it a nurse at work on 3rd shift called me and told me that a co-worker of mine said she hit a dog on the way to work around 10:30pm-ish. Where the accident happened is about 4 blocks or so away from my house. She described the dog as being an older black german shepard and wearing a collar. To me that sounds like my dog, but my mom is skeptical. Being that it was so close to my house, I really do think it was him. My co-worker who hit the dog did not report the accident to the police. I'm not mad that she possibly hit my dog, but I am upset that she did not report it. My step-dad alerted the police when he realized the dog was missing, if we would've known about the accident then we would have searched that area right away. Well, the nurse didn't tell me til about 6 hours after it happened. I really hope that wherever my dog is that he's warm, safe and has food.
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