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Any other BVI brides here?

I am getting married there on 8/31/13. Any advice on what I should expect?
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Re: Any other BVI brides here?

  • I'm a BVI bride, but not til 10/26/12.... what has your experience been like so far?  I'm still waiting to see what the menu options will be.
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    [QUOTE]I'm a BVI bride, but not til 10/26/12.... what has your experience been like so far?  I'm still waiting to see what the menu options will be.
    Posted by MichKev2012[/QUOTE]

    I only booked 2 weeks ago, so nothing really so far. I met with Olivia and she was wonderful, but that is about yet. I was wondering when I should hear from them, I have not heard anything since I booked. Shoud I contact them? I know my wedding is still far away but I was wondering what I should expect.

     I am surprised that you have not seen menus yet, do you now how far in advance the have them? I am particularly worried about the food because my fiance is allergic to nuts and I hope they can accomidate him.
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  • We were married there back in 2008 and had a wonderful experience!  I'm sure a lot has changed since that time, but typically, they don't tend to need to chat with you seriously until about 6 months before the wedding.  This is usually due to changes in menus, prices, vendors, etc. that can't (or won't) be locked down ahead of time. 

    For our tasting, it was set up as a group event with about 15 other couples and their family members.  Not every option on the menu was available to try, but you can ask to set up something privately if you have a specific request that they don't plan on offering at the event.

    We had our wedding and reception on site at BVI, and I have pictures posted in the link below if anyone wants to browse through them.  Happy planning!

  • Christina, thank you so much for sharing your pictures!  It looked like a beautiful day!

    I didn't know it was a group tasting.  We are just under 6 months away and haven't had much contact with Olivia at the BVI.  My mom is super nervous about the menu, and so am I. 

    Thanks again!!!
  • Thank you!

    Just be persistent - call, e-mail, show up in person if you have to.  YOU are the customer and are entitled to some answers, especially this close to your day!  Best of luck!

  • I am getting married at the BVI in October of 2013. After signing the contract I was told that the next time I would need to be in touch with them would not be for awhile (around 6months prior to the wedding). I booked my date with their former wedding coordinator and have not met Olivia yet. I do know that I was told it was a private tasting, as it was something I remember about BVI that was different versus other venues we looked at, so maybe it has changed in last couple of years? As for the menu, I would not be worried at all! You have plenty of time! I know we inquired about people having allergies and they were more than accomodating about having options for guests with allergies.

  • Being from the Caribbean the atmosphere is very laid back and tranquil and in BVI it will be quite the same. Once you ensure you communicate with the personnel who should be professional in their approach I don't think you'll have much trouble. I know you will enjoy the climate and the Caribbean vibe its everything you imagined and more. You won't be disappointed!

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