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Cake tasting RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ladies I enjoyed my cake tasting today. Everything went well I will post a pic of my cake below...... Drum roll the flavors will be Vanilla with Lemon Mousse (take home and 1st tier, 2nd tier Vanilla with French Vanilla and Rasberry filling, 3rd Vanilla with Custard and Strawberry filling. The chocolate cake was really rich and to chocolate. I also tried the rasberry filling with chocolate cake not for me. The Red Velvet was kinda tasting a lil chocolate to me also so. The flowers will be purple and ivory with silver edible beads on it. My wedding colors are Lapis (db), black and ivory with silver as my accent color.

Re: Cake tasting RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Red Velvet is a kind of chocolate that's why it tasted like chocolate. 

    But congratulations on the check!
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    Pretty and yummy......I like it!
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    We're using Palermo's too!  We designed our own cake.  Did you put anything extra on it? I'm just curious to know what your upcharge was (if you don't mind sharing).  Our 1st and 4th tiers are red velvet with cream cheese filling, 2nd tier is  chocolate with hazelnut cream and 3rd is vanilla with coconut cream.
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    Nice. We had basically the same colors except it was dark purple/eggplant and white instead of lapis and ivory.
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