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we are the lucky ones

Hey ladies,

"Love : everyone wants it, not everyone finds it"

We are the lucky ones who have found it!

I just wanted to take a random poll of how old we all are. Love knows no age, therefore, I like hearing how  old people are and their engagements and proposals.

So just gush and tell us all

Re: we are the lucky ones

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    I am 22 will be 23 when i get married, fiance is 38. He proposed to me while I was doing dishes...hahaha, nothing too special but it means that i am going to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams!!! :)
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    Age now: Me 21, FI 22

    Age at proposal: Me 20, FI 21

    Age at wedding: Me 23, FI 24

    My FI proposed 3 days before Christmas during a horse drawn carraige ride through the snow covered country side. It was so romantic and a moment I wil never forget :)
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    I am 20 FI is 22
    I will be 21 and FI 23 when we get married.
    He proposed week before christmas told me he just couldnt wait any longer to give me a present.
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    I'm 28, my FI is 24, but will turn 25 this summer before the wedding. He proposed while we were eating pizza on the couch watching The Soup. To be fair, we had bought the ring online 3 days previous, and I watched him take the padded envelope out of the mailbox, so I knew it was there. I also knew he wouldn't be able to keep it to himself and that he knew I hated the idea of the ring just hanging around the house. After all, who else was he going to give it to? I knew he wouldn't have made that big of an investment until he was ready.
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    I'm 27 and FI is 28. I'll be exactly 2 weeks from my 28th birthday when we get married and FI 5 weeks from his 29th.
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    We were 28 when we got engaged and 30 when we married.
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    I'm 20!!! My Fiancee is 22! :D:D:D 

    We totally are the lucky ones! Go us! 
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    I am 29, FI is 40.  He proposed last summer by dragging me to the top of a mountain in Yellowstone at sunrise  :D  Super romantic gesture from a super not-romantic guy.  We'll be married in 2 months and 8 days.

    We've been together since I was 24.  When I was 26, I was diagnosed with melanoma.  Let me tell you, when you're starting to talk marriage (which we were when I was diagnosed), and then you have to start talking cancer talk, it puts a huge strain on your relationship.  We came out stronger than we went in, and I am so thankful to be healthy and have him by my side everyday. 
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    We were both 24 when we got engaged and were 25 and 26 when we got married.
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    I'm 21, FI is 23. We'll be 23 and 25 when we get married.
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    When he propsed: I was 24, he was 29.

    Now: I'm 25, and he turned 30 today!

    When we get married: I'll be 26, he'll be 31.

    He works on the road and was at a job near Niagara Falls. I went to visit him and we went to the Falls. He did it on the top of the observation deck, next to the edge that over looks everything. It was gorgeous.

    And yes, we are the lucky ones. :)
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    Age now: Me 20, SO 25

    Age at proposal: We shall see ;) I guess that's really up to him!

    Age at wedding: if we continue with our rough plans for 2015, i'll be 23 and he'll be 28.

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    FI will be 31 when we get married and I will be 27.

    "Love : everyone wants it, not everyone finds it"

    How true!!!
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    I'm 31 and he's 23. I was 31 and he was 22 when he proposed. We'll be 31 and 23 when we get married this summer. He proposed at the camp where we met, a few minutes to midnight, on our four-year anniversary. I feel quite lucky, definitely- we both do! For us it's been beginner's luck, all the way Smile
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    We met when we were 20 and 22 and started dating later that year after we had turned 21 and 23. We got engaged at 24 and 26. We will be married at 26 and 28. We both have our birthdays next month so we will be 25 and 27 :-)

    He proposed in May. I knew he already had a ring picked out and was paying it off. One day he REALLY wanted to go for a walk so I reluctantly gave in (I had been working all day and just wanted to go to the store to get a gift for my friends' wedding that weekend). We both brought our cameras to a local garden and I was taking pictures but he wasn't. I shrugged it off and kept walking. He then asked me to sit down on a bench with a fountain behind it to get my picture. He was taking forever to take his camera out so I was looking around. I turned back and there he was, on one knee with the ring! I then proceeded to call my mom right away (who already knew it was happening because he called my dad earlier that day) and sent a mass text to all my friends!
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    We were both 21 when he proposed (the day before my 22nd birthday), and we'll both be 23 when we get married. 

    He called me upstairs from doing laundry where he'd lit candles in our living room, and simply asked. No getting down on one knee or anything elaborate, and I loved it! I'm so excited to marry him :)

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    Life is good today.
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    I'm 21 and FI is about to be 23. When we get married, we will be 24 and 25.
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    Age at proposal: Me 21, FI 25
    Age at wedding: Me 22, FI 25

    Sepetember 7th couldn't come sooner. :)
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    Awwww you guys!
    This is awesome. I didnt expect so many answers!

    We are 21, and he is 23.

    He proposed under the fireworks July 1. I was sitting between his legs and my head on his chest and he whispered "Baby, I love you, Will you marry me!?" and of course I said YES! He wasn't technically on one knee cause we were sitting but still, it was sweeet!!!

    We were high school sweethearts so I knew it was coming soon.  and I always wanted to be done nursing school before we got married, and Im finally done!  I graduated in Oct 2011 and will be married July 21, 2012!!!


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    [QUOTE]I'm really old.  Mr. Lucy is even older.
    Posted by LucyHC[/QUOTE]

    I know, I noticed there is a WHOLE lot of young people here! I like it, our grand parents married young, I feel like history is repeating, Now, if we all just stay together as long as them, everything will be fine!
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    i was 23 and he 27 when we got engaged. 

    i'll be 24 and he 28 when we get married this year :)

    he's in a popular band and pulled me onstage one night to propose in front of 500+ people. UH-MAYZING :D
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    This post is making me feel old.  I was 32 & H was 34 when we got married. 

    Married 5.6.11

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    [QUOTE]This post is making me feel old.  I was 32 & H was 34 when we got married. 
    Posted by direy25[/QUOTE]

    Me too! lol
    We were both 26 when we met, 30 when he proposed (but just barely, he proposed the day before my 31st and 20 days before his 31st) and we were both 32 when we got married. (again, just barely. our wedding was the week after his 32nd birthday and about a month after mine. i'm 19 days older)
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    I am 20  
    My fiance is 23
    I'll be 21 when we are married
    He will be 24
    My Fiance proposed in the middle if an arguement. He dropped to one knee and said he never wanted to be without me and that he loved me with all his heart. I'd have to say that's the last place and time I ever expected a proposal

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