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Unbelievable how much.... I am capable of eating today!

I am having one of those days where I feel like I haven't eaten in days.. I could literally eat all day I think with out getting fool.

Hitting the gym extra long tonight :)

How is everyone else's day going?

Re: Unbelievable how much....

  • I have those days every day....that's how I gained 50 lbs after college. :)  Now I just make sure I have healthy snacks around all the time so at least I'm stuffing my face with raw veggies and yogurt.

    Work is boring today, but at least I have plenty of time for knotting.  Oh, and our internet filter is down, so I can get on FB if I want....but so far today I haven't wanted to.

    Stop The Drama!

    image Love people. Use things. Never confuse the two.
  • Hey thats crazy my facebook is up and running as well at work. Not getting on there lol just in case its a trap!

    My day was going quickly until this last hour UGH!!!! I always have the carrots and celery around. I am trying so hard to lose a little before the big day!!!
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