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So I found a DOC. Well, sort of. LOL.  I was talking to FMIL about the catering and she told me a family member of FFIL caters and we might can get it for a cheaper price than the catering company I am looking at hiring (which is a great price but still a little high for us).  Then she said that we could hire her cousin to help out at the reception (serve food, decorate, etc).  She is super cheap and will be able to help on the day before the wedding and day off with everything. I am so happy... I was worrying just a bit about this and who I could hire, as a pro DOC was out of budget for us. 

Also, just spoke with my mom and she and my stepdad will be cooking the food for the rehearsal. YAY!!!!  They will be making Jamaican food: rice and beans, season rice and french fried chicken with salad. And my mom is making her fruit punch. I am so happy.  I can't wait.

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    Yey! Looks like things are coming together. My DOC was a total lifesaver, so I highly recommend that. Has this cousin ever done this before, or is this a new job for her? 
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    rlavach: no she has never helped plan a wedding before but she has helped me and FMIL with a few parties we've thrown.  She is good about stepping in and getting things done, which frees up time for me to get other things done. She helps with any and EVERYthing, which is awesome. 

    My List for her includes::
    Help with rehearsal dinner and cocktail hour set up
    Help set up ceremony and reception (and help with vendors a little)
    Help set out programs and toss petals on each chair
    Man the cocktail hour and wrap it up in time for guests to head over to reception
    And a few other odds and ends.

    Pretty much takes a lot of pressure off me so I am not running around day of like a crazy woman. 

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