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Is it just that I haven't gotten use to using this site or is it incredibly difficult to find where to edit your website? Can anybody tell me an easy way to get to it?
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Re: Website

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    You go to My Knot
    Scroll down until you come to My Website
    **The next page (for me at least) is the prompt to create a free wedding website, so I just click the Start Now and it takes me to the Manage My Website page.**
    From there, you can select what you are wanting to edit under My Web Pages. 
    Hopefully that helps!

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    Thanks for your help. I finally figured out a long way around. Oh well, I don't think The Knot & Safari play well together.

    BTW, I LOVE Sherlock! So GOOD!!!
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    TK's website can be very temperamental. Many people here would recommend using a different website generator, like weebly or wedding wire.
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