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I am getting married in June 2013 and I am looking for a photographer. I am looking for someone who encompasses more the the photojournalistic side rather than just plain group shots. I also would like to have a two photographers which I am noticing more and more companies are doing. Anyone have someone good to suggest?

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  • im actually from CT but got married in NH, we used john loconte from and he is truly amazing! he is located in bradford or haverhill ma and i cant recommend him enough! hth
  • We are using Altared Visions out of MA but will travel anywhere. Pam & James - two photographers who are amazing.
  • I chose Portrait New England. They are a husband and wife team so you get two photographers but they don't charge you an arm and a leg for it either. They have been awesome to work with so far. I found them based on a rec from the Boston boards- they get good reviews.
    John Lo is good too- I met with him but Portrait New England ended up giving me a better deal.
  • Try  Derek is great!  He also has an assistant.
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    She's on the pricier side, but I went with Catharine Morris (  Our engagement photos came out beautifully, and I'm so glad we picked her; she's great to work with, and made us extremely comfortable for our engagement shoot.  She does include a second photographer, and gives you a disk with printing rights to the photos to do whatever you want!

    Regardless of who you go with, full printing rights to your pictures and a disk with all of them is pretty much the standard these days, with the prevalence of digital photography.  I would strongly recommend considering this to be one of your dealbreakers when shopping around for your photographer!
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  • We chose A Photographic Memory and I were SO happy with our choice. They have been wonderful to work with- very professional, responsive, and talented. I LOVE our photos and we have received endless compliments! I can't say enough!
  • We're using Iris Leaf Photography- two photogs are included standard, prices are really reasonable, and they seem great. Not getting married until October so I can't speak to personal experience, but their portfolio is amazing.
  • I used Garone Photography. Two photographers are included and they really do an AMAZING job!! Rebecca started out doing photojournalist work then opened her own company. My husband and I chose them because their work was not the normal wedding posing photography.
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