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?Bride Escot Question?

I don't have much of a relationship with my father, so my 18 yr old little brother is walking me down the aisle. I am trying to put him in both the program and my website. Should his title be Bride's Escort or does anyone have any better ideas!?! 

Re: ?Bride Escot Question?

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    I think "Bride's Escort" is fine.  
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    It just depends on how much information you want to provide.

    You can just list
    Bride Escort: so-and-so
    Bride Escort: so-and-so, brother of the bride
    Meg(I) will be escorted down the aisle by her(my) brother so-and-so

    I would think for the website you would want to be more personal and informal so talk more about him and your relationship with him. Let people know why you wanted him to be there with you (while leaving out the stuff about your dad)
    On the programs I think it would be more formal so you would probably just list his name and title.
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    Awesome thanks ladies! :) you've been a big help
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