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April 2012 Weddings

My Great Grape Adventure

So first a little backstory:

The DFW board has what we think is either an AE or a MUD who posted a poll asking if a Grape flavored wedding cake was stupid.  Naturally, it sounded awful to all of us.  We have a GTG coming up this weekend, and I offered to be this month's cupcake baker.  As an homage to the hilarity that ensued from the grape cake thread, I made grape cupcakes. 

I thought you guys might get a laugh at how RIDICULOUS these look... and at the suprising taste result.

My recipe:

White cake
Substitute apple sauce for oil
Substitute grape juice for water
Add 1 package grape jello
Just a smidge of Wilton's violet gel color (for icing but it's what I had ;P)
Plain ol Vanilla frosting
Purple dusting sugar - I might add some pearl dust for you ladies on Friday. 

The batter:

In the oven:

Fresh and hot:

Finished product:


I can't lie, I ate the batter like I was starving. Om nom nom.  I was skeptical but the flavor is a light grape.  It's more of an after taste than an in your face BAM I AM GRAPE KOOLAID taste. 

Overall...not my favorite cupcake ever, but I do like it.

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