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Hey does anyone like to watch Law & Order SVU? I love that show and there is a new episode on tonight. I heard it's suppose to be a really good one but I missed the previews. I know I'll be tuning in at 9pm haha.
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    SVU is one of my favorite shows, and both this seasons episodes have be awesome so far!! I can't wait for tonights!!
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    Me either! I think if I had to choose one show to watch for the rest of my life, that would definitely be in my top 3, no doubt haha.
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    I had it on DVR record at our old house and think i've watched every episode at least twice it's kinda pathetic my FI likes the new episodes but got tired of me watching it ALL the time lol. So I know how you feel, we also love Sons Of Anarchy, and I'm a big One Tree Hill Fan only because I've watched if from the very beginning. 
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    My FI LOVES Sons of Anarchy. Unfortunatly we don't get FX at the house, but I searched online for the new episodes and found them! So he's a happy man now that he can still watch the new season online. So far its been a pretty good start.
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    I never have time to watch the new episodes because of work. I have netflix on my PS3, and have been watching every episode since season 1. It's only been about 2 weeks, and I'm almost through the second season.
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    this weeks episode was pretty good.
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    TOnight's SVU was good, but it really depressed be because of the possibility that it could actually happen. Most episodes are like that, but this one really hit home with me for some reason, and I feel so sad now. 
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:14Discussion:779ca8cd-65d2-48c8-b085-8155e6382422Post:57b28e63-ee83-4f2f-a068-e95f67571bd9">Re: SVU</a>:
    [QUOTE]I love SVU but the new episodes just don't compare to the older ones. The acting and writing is getting pretty bad but I can't stop watching!
    Posted by rknox88[/QUOTE]

    This, this, a thousand times this. I love me some Chris Meloni and Elliot Stabler, but it's been painful to watch for about the past five years.
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