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Setting goals together

My fiance made the comment tonight that we haven't set hardly any goals together for our marrage. Really, the only one that we have set is that we want to purchase a bigger house the year following the wedding. Other, than that we haven't set anything. 

What type of goals have you all set for your future marriages?

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    Well, we wanna  buy a big house together, lol
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Setting goals together : Why is that LOL worthy?
    Posted by ILoveMilkDuds[/QUOTE]

    <div>Because buying a big house is HILARIOUS, Duds.</div><div>
    </div><div>Idk that we have a bunch of goals. Just to buy a house and get out of apartments. FI graduates college and have kids. Save for retirements/college.</div>
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    Our main goal is to not get divorced.  I think it's a pretty good one.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Setting goals together</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Setting goals together : OMG, you can't say the D world on a WEDDING website!!!11!!
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    TK doesn't make me edit it, so I can say whatever I want!

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    We've set a couple of goals. We'd like to travel a bit before having children and enjoy being together. Neither of us are ready for kiddos.

    Another goal is that we'd like to be completely debt free by the 35-40 year old time frame. We're in our mid 20's now and don't have too much outstanding aside from house, a car and a couple of student loans. No CC debt and we try to pay for everything with cash. It looks like it may be a challenge but it'd be awesome if we could reach this goal.

    We'd also like to have at least two horses within the next 5-10 years.
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    We have set many goals for sure in both our couple life and individual life.  We are planning to start a family, buy a bigger house in the next 2 years and to just enjoy our life together.

    We have a trip planned for April and another possible in July/August.  Besides that travel-wise we have spoken about certain destinations we want to visit but that's going to happen later on.

    Indivudually we both want to advance in our careers.  H is accumulating his hours to get his carpentry certification and I started my own business.  Slowly but surely, we are advancing. 

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    FI & I have come up a List together which includes

    Before Marriage (In the next year)
    -FI wants to get a Tattoo done
    -Redo our Master bathroom
    -Tree Camping (It sounds weird but Google it!)

    After Marriage
    -Travel, One Big Trip Per Year
    -Replace Majority of the Windows in our Home
    - Replace the Flooring in our Home
    -3-4 Years down the road Kids
    - Build a shop on our Property
    -Redo Downstairs bathroom

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    Our goals are to make our business bigger and save big for retirement then retire at like 40...(which we have a great head start on since DH has been contributing 10% of his income since he has been 16, I on the other hand just started a year ago)
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    Our goals are to wait until we have 20% (minimum) before buying a house, to be married at least two years before children (then we want to adopt 2), to be able to retire as early as possible, and to backpack Europe after we graduate (2013). We were just talking about this tonight at dinner!
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    Buy a house after we are married is our main saving as much as we can right now is our current goal.
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    Travel. Travel, travel, travel. He's never been out of the country and I feel like before completely settling down, everyone needs to travel like mad to experience the world. I refuse to have any kids until he's been to at least five other countries because I think that would be like stealing part of his soul.


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    We actually had this as a homeowrk assignment in Pre-Martial Counsleing.
    Although we both know we will be buying a house a year after the wedding, we had a list of goals for building a healthy marriage and home.
     We are christian and we said we will have a christian base marriage were we pray together.
    We will never loan money more than 50 dollars without talking to each other
    we will stay transparent to one another
    we will make sure not only our physical but emotional needs are met

    just to name a few
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