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Rehearsel Dinner?

Hey everyone,

Would anyone happen to know of a nice restaurant to have a rehearsel dinner? It will be in Knoxville, TN, but if there's a chain restaurant (Johnny Carino's, Carraba's, etc) that anyone has used and liked, I'd love to hear about it. Somewhere (possibly Italian but doen't have to be) where we could do a decent meal for $15 a head would be great, but without plastic/paper tablecloths......Perhaps I'm reaching for the moon, but any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Rehearsel Dinner?

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    Have you checked out your local boards? (You can find them on the left of the screen)

    They would be able to help you out a lot more.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, I appreciate it. I've tried the local board, but I wanted to see if anyone on this board had had any experience with a restaurant that's a national chain that would work well as a rehearsel dinner space.....:-)
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    I answered you on our local- but I will answer you here as well....
    Olive Garden

    Olive Garden is a good place to do a RD.  I used to work there and we had them quite often. Altruda's is very nice as well, it's a local business and they have been around for a long time.  I forgot to mention Macaroni Grill, they are very good about accommodating big parties.
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