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Unruly Grandparents

When my fiance and I set our date (that was 15 months off), we decided to send out a very informal Save the Date email to let all our family and close friends know. A couple days later we received an email from my fiance's grandmother saying that she forwarded the email on to her brother, Uncle Fred. We had already decided that we wouldn't be able to invite Uncle Fred or his family (if we did, we'd have so many more second cousins that we'd feel obligated to invite and my fiance is not very close with him. I have only met him twice despite the fact that we've been together for 6 years). We are paying for the reception ourselves and the guest list is already bigger than we had originally planned so there is really no way we can afford to invite him.  We left my fiance's father to handle the situation. He spoke to his mother and explained that we couldn't afford to invite them. A couple days later we get an email from grandma saying that it would mean so much to her to have Uncle Fred at the wedding and he's the only family she has left (sorry but she already has her 3 children and 10 grandkids coming to this wedding). My fiance and I responded that if it means a lot to her we could invite Uncle Fred and his wife. We were very clear that it would just be the two of them invited and not the rest of his family. This past weekend we were at Uncle Fred's daughter's wedding and his whole family was talking about our wedding. They all knew the date and were asking us questions about the reception. My fiance and I were so caught off guard that we just answered their questions. We didn't have the courage to tell them that they're not invited. What do we do now? I'm so upset by all of this that I'm seriously considering calling off the wedding completely and just eloping. Is there any way of uninviting these people that wouldn't be completely rude? I'm at a complete loss for what to do.
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