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New Hampshire

Best places for bridesmaid dress shopping?

I'm getting all my girls together in a couple of weeks to pick out their dresses. I'm letting them pick out their own, however they all have different budgets in mind. Any suggestions of a good place to go? I'm looking for a place with a good selection and wide range of prices, that doesn't make you feel like you're in a chain warehouse store. Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Re: Best places for bridesmaid dress shopping?

  • My BM's dresses and GM tuxes are from Marry and Tux in Nashua. Good prices and they have a huge selection! The sales people have been awesome there too. Good luck!

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  • I went with David's Bridal for the bridal party dresses. Its not where I got my dress, but for my bridesmaids its nice because they have a wide variety of prices. I just chose the color and the length and let them pick their own dresses. It was also helpful because one of my girls lives in CA and because David's is a chain she can just go to one on the west coast to get her dress. 

    I got my dress at Modern Bride in Bedford NH. They were amazing, but pricey.
  • We got our BM dresses at Marry and Tux...I got my dress there too.  They were great! We had Stephanie for both appointments and she was fabulous! Also, their prices were quite reasonable.

  • Try Pure Bliss in Newburyport.  They have so many!
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  • Modern Bride is great - I got my dress here and my bridesmaids also go theirs here.  Great pricing and selection. 
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  • When I was shopping, I had bridesmaids of very different sizes and budgets, so I found it VERY helpful to go to stores ahead of time and look at the selection.  I ended up liking the bridal party dresses at David's Bridal best and really liked how they had all dresses in almost every size to try on, which made it more comfortable for them.  They also seemed to have less expensive choices, and the colors that I wanted.  It was time consuming to pre-shop, but I just went with my mom, and didn't have to drag all of  the girls to 4 different shops.  In terms of selection, Modern Bride in Bedford also has tons, but they tend to be pricier and limited in terms of sample sizes (I'm a street size 10, and could try on very few dresses there).  Lastly, I bought my dress at Marry and Tux, and certainly recommend them for customer service, but I found their bridal party selection quite limited.  Hope this helps!  
  • Pure Bliss does have a ton of selection and they were very helpful. I love Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth, NH and that's where I ended up ordering my dress and the bridesmaids picked out theirs there too. Both places offer discounts if you buy your dress and your maids buy theirs there too.
  • I second Cristina's in Andover.  They have a large selection & great customer service.  My girls & I had a great experience there.
  • I just picked out the bridemaids dresses from Modern Bride.. I heard it was pricey but I got a great dress for affordable.

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