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Anyone hire or use Portrait Arts Photography from Hudson, NH?

My fiance and I hired Portrait Arts to take our engagement and wedding photos. I have a hard time getting e-mail responses and returned messages from her. For example, I recently left a voice mail and sent an e-mail regarding our engagement photos. After calling for 2 days, I finally got in touch with her. She said she e-mailed out engagement photos last Wednesday and we have yet to receive them. Something being mailed from Hudson should take less than a week to get to Manchester!

My wedding is in 2 months and I'm getting concerned! I'm starting to wonder if I should eat the $300 deposit and look for someone who seems to be on top of things. Has anyone who has used them had any of the same issues?


Re: Anyone hire or use Portrait Arts Photography from Hudson, NH?

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    I "interviewed" them to do my photos and I personally didn't get a good vibe from them, not that that means anything substantial. Just my two cents.
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    Aunty Kare Bear -

    My mom and I met her at a bridal expo and liked her. When I brought my fiance to her studio we got a pretty good vibe her - she was personable, seemed to like she was really interested and attentive. I'm getting a completely different feeling now! Who did you end up booking?

    I left a message for her on Monday letting her know we still haven't received our CD and asked her to call me back. I finally got in touch with her this afternoon and she was surprised when I told her we hadn't received the CD yet... obviously she doesn't check her messages. I'm so frustrated with her!


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