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planning overload... help

I just started planning my wedding and I have confused myself with what I want now. We are having an outdoor ceremony in a garden terrace at a historic hotel and the reception will be in the ballroom at the hotel. It is a fall wedding so I have no clue where to start with the colors nor what sort of 'theme' to go with. I was thinking rustic but elegant since it's an outdoor/indoor wedding but I have no clue how to combine them. Any suggestions or ideas?

Re: planning overload... help

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    You don't really need to have any type of "theme".  I certainly don't.   

    I picked my colors and invites and have gone from there.  
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    Since you are going to be outside, you could coordinate your BM dress colors or flowers to compliment your natural surroundings. I agree that you don't need a 'theme' persay, but you could reflect that rustic feel in your invites and other paper items, centerpieces, and decor without it seeming disjointed as you go from one location to another.
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    This is funny, I was watching Pearl Harbor and was drooling over the fashion of that era, and it hit me. Post-war era theme. I got my bridesmaid and MOH vintage dresses, my dress has the vintage feel, we are doing forties style hair and makeup. I origionally was going to have it in Seattle but then decided to move it to Hawaii (loooooong story haha) and my theme got even better because that movie gets to play out even more than I could have ever dreamed. To be clear it was the scenery and the hair and clothes I love not that horrible tragedy. My point is I looked through tons of magazines and look what ended up inspiring me. My advice is just keep your eyes open, you may find your inspiration in an unexpected place.
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