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Wedding in 6 Months...

I am getting married on September 22, 2012 and have absolutely NOTHING planned, and I know NOTHING about how to plan anything and all I know is that my fiance and I are going to be working on a budget! We have a son with special needs and not a lot of money for the wedding, but we are both set on our date b/c we began dating sept 22 2006 and it has so manymemories for us so we want to keep our anniversary and if anyone has any help or advice or ANYTHING...i am more than willing to listen!!! Plzzz help...

Re: Wedding in 6 Months...

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    WE did the same thing with the anniversary...we will be getting married on saturday and will have been together for two years. As for the not much as much as you can yourself, look for anything second hand that you can buy.  Make sure to check the clearance items, make a list and check it twice..make sure that you stick to your limit on people. And ask for help from those around you. You will be surprised what people will be willing to help you with. Also check around...dont buy anything till you see if its someplace else. Also the can find them for pretty cheap. Mine was under 500, which was a can do much better then that. Even a beautiful dress from a high quality place will have dresses for you on a budget. 

    Most of all...stick to what you say you are goin to. Good luck...also ask for help or you will end up sitting on your bed crying...oh wait that was
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    It's not that a wedding takes longer than 6 months to plan, it's that venues generally book more than 6 months in advance.  September 22 is on a Saturday, and September is a pretty popular month to get married, so you need to find a venue, like, yesterday.  You may find all the traditional venues in town are booked already, so consider parks, museums, and other "outside the box" type locations. 

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    I think when you look at the big picture of all the stuff that needs done for a wedding it can be overwhelming.  However, me and my fiancee tend to break it down into things we focus on, so it doesn't seem like such a massive task.  First, we picked a venue.  Once we had a venue picked we started figuring out a caterer.  Then we picked a photographer and started designing invitations.  If you do one task at a time definitely  not so overwhelming.  I would start with trying to figure out where you want to host your wedding.
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    Here's what you need to do:

    #1 - Make a guest list.  You need to have at least a rough idea of how many people you want to invite so you can figure out how much you have available to spend per person on catering/drinks/etc., and you also need to know how many people you have in mind so that you don't accidently book a venue that's too small or too big for your group.

    #2 - Find a venue.  Catering halls that specialize in weddings are the obvious option, but also consider hotels, church fellowship halls, fraternal organization halls (like the Knights of Columbus or the VFW), country clubs, parks, museums, restaurants, etc.  A catering hall, hotel, or restaurant will likely be the easiest option since you won't have to worry about things like finding a separate caterer, renting tables and chairs and linens, etc.

    #3 - Once you've booked your location, you can start looking for other vendors.  The only other vendor you really "need" is an officiant - everything else (photo, video, florist, limo, DJ/band) is extra.  Also, if you do select a catering hall or other typical wedding venue, the staff there will usually have recommendations for outside vendors, which will make your search a little simpler.
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    Swing over to the September 2012 board... we are pretty awesome! We have a facebook page too for when TK gets screwey.

    We bounce ideas off each other and you can get some good advice.

    Budget board and your local board will help you a lot too.
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    Thank you everyone for you input and ideas, it is definately a BIG help! 
    I do want to stick to my dating anniversary and we will be geetting married in our Church and our reception will be there also!
    If anyone has any ideas on how to decided what family members to invite, places to order flowers from, and places to order invitations from, etc. it would be greatly appreicated!! 
    Thanks again for all the help!! 
    Greaty Apprecited!!
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