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I stare because...

"I stare because I care"

So the H.S. football team where I work has been sporting pink during games in October for Breast Cancer Awareness by using pink gloves, tape, and laces. Well, the team has a group of very active moms who decided that they also needed t-shirts. Well the moms created t-shirts for the team that read, "I stare because I care" on the front and "MCHS Football 2011" on the back. Well, my fiance is a football coach (yes, we work at the same school) and the coaches are upset because it makes it seem as if the football team endorsed the phrase which they did not and they wern't asked. IMO, it's not very "high school appropriate." Yeah, I think it's commical but may be better suited for a college campus? Just thought I'd share :)

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