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Bridal Shows & Expos

There are so many out there how do we know which ones are the most popular or highly rated ones? 

Re: Bridal Shows & Expos

  • I went to one, and I was really excited, but I really didn't end up accomplishing anything, and it was kind of a waste of a day.
    I honestly had SO much more luck searching and lurking through my local boards for vendor ideas.
    On that note, you may ask the girls on your local boards if they can recommend any local shows that they had success at. Just my experience, it was a bust. :(
  • I have gone to two. I did like them because they informed me of which vendors to stay away from. At both shows everything was soo over the top and expensive it was


  • I've been to one, and TBH the only thing I got out of it was a good deal on FI and the groomsman's tux rental. We ended up getting FI's for free b/c of the no of groomsman and each GM got $30 off their rental.

    In general, I've found that it's the pricier vendors that go to the shows b/c they can afford the booth fees. A lot of smaller/less well known (but still good) vendors can't afford the fees and therefore don't go. Most of my vendors weren't at the show
  • I went to one earlier this month (The big one in Hartford, CT) and made the mistake of giving out my main email address and phone number....BAD IDEA. I've been receiving email and calls non-stop from vendors that I didn't even talk to. I think they pass your info on to every single vendor at the show. Seriously. I got more info online. I guess they can be sort of fun...but my fiance and I had fun tasting some cakes, chatting with a few people, and then just felt it was way too hectic and got the heck out of there!

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  • I didn't find it to be all that helpful.  The main thing that WAS helpful was finding out about tux rentals and getting a deal for all of the GM.  My main piece of advice is do NOT give out your phone number or email address.  I was seriously considering a photographer that was there and I get constant emails from them.  

    Ditto PPs on local boards.  I found my officiant through there and learned a lot about photogs, makeup artists, etc.  
  • I used to work for a bridal shop and she went to a few. The booth rentals are horridly expensive, and they have to promise a amount of free stuff for prizes so she only went to the ones with cash and carry ( dresses that shops sell on site as is and for a discount, usualy discontinued stuff) and the fashion shows to model her dresses. I always thought there was a lot of vendors that don't really have much to with weddings. I went to one for 'fun' last month and while the fashion show was alright, the only other things that caught my eye were, the cake, flower, and one photograghy booths. But they are good for getting free stuff if you go early enough to get in the draws lol.
  • I went to one a few months ago, and while I got a bag full of information, most stuff just wasn't practical for me or my budget.  Things like ice sculptures, month-long European Honeymoons, $10,000 photography not in my budget.  Lots of stuff I handed right back to the vendor because they couldn't work with my budget.

    I was able to eliminate a lot of potential reception venues because I could ask directly about how many people they could accomodate. That was both good and bad.  Some of them I was really disappointed about, that they were too small. Others were big enough but I wasn't impressed with anything else about them.  I also fell in love with one, but I'm not sure I can afford it.

    Same with bridal salons - I was able to ask about their selection of plus sized sample dresses, and eliminated all but one salon that was there because they didn't stock my size samples.  (The one that was there was Davids, which I won't go to either.)  They seemed genuinely suprised that I actually wanted to try the dress on before I bought it, and that just holding it up to me wasn't good enough. So they aren't getting my business.

    I tried 5 different kinds of cake, but only one of them was good enough that I'd consider hiring them, and I probably won't because of the cost.

    The hard sell was EVERYWHERE.  When will people realize that doesn't get you more business?

    Definitely don't give the registration people much info.  I only gave out an email address, and refused to provide my phone number or street address.  Best idea ever.  I do get tons of emails, but I just hit spam on the ones I'm not interested in, and I don't see them again.  They WILL share your info, so be picky about what you provide. 

    Also don't take a ton of people with you when you go.  8 people crowded into one booth to talk about flowers makes it impossible for any other bride to get information. And for God's sake, leave the kids at home.  I saw more than one expensive display ruined by a toddler while the adults' backs were turned, and plenty get lost in the crush of people.  Strollers just make the crowding thing worse.  It was noisy and the kids were just getting overwhelmed and bored.

    It was so crowded at this one that I never got to see the fashion shows.  This one wasn't planned well and didn't have enough room for everyone. 
  • I never really found the shows helpful, just annoying. The ones in my area kept using the same annoying DJ, and he reminded me of Kalibar from Halloweentown II. Lol.

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  • Fun girls day with my Aunt, Mom, and Grandma, YES!!! Stupid waste of money?  OH YEAH.  Ever doing another? NOPE
  • I went to one that was, meh, ok...

    I found my dress there and I got a steep discount from attending so it was worth it but not worth attending again. My girlfriend is getting married in September so I'm going to another with her; she deserves it and we're dragging the (poor) guys with us.

    It's not a big deal; trust us when we say that. I personally preferred the Macy's Sip and Scan over any bridal expo; we were stalked by associates with mini quiche and chocolate dipped strawberries and glasses of champagne. I preferred that over the noisy crowded expo any day.
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  • I went to two it was ok ... the last one was horribly unorganized and I won't be going back. I have all the info I need and this site is wayy more helpful!
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