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I think I got it~

I have been a little worried that I wouldnt find a song to walk down the isle to that I love and would fit perfectly.  It is litteraly the only song not filled out on the form our DJ gave us.....


Vitamin String Quartet.. Everything I do from Bryan Adams..

So pretty and the words actually fit my FI and I...

YAY!!! I can send the sheet to the DJ and put another check mark on my list.
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Re: I think I got it~

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    Yay! It always feels so good to check something else off the list.
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    I feel silly worrying so much about the music. I just wanted it to all work well with our venue and us as a couple!

    ahhh such a relief.. now i can print my programs
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    We actually used that song for the seating of the mothers and for with DH aunt (who married us) and DH walked to the front. Its BEAUTIFUL!

    I walked in to "Dare you to move" done by VSQ :o)
    We walked out to "Beautiful Day" (U2) done by VSQ
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    Awww yay!  I love VSQ!  I'm walking down to their version of All I Want is You by U2.  Our recessional is VSQ Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers
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    FI and I had our song picked after a week of dating so that didnt stump me. What stumped me was picking a song for the father/daughter dance because my father and I are not that close.
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    We had our first dance song picked before we got engaged LOL.. but for some reason choosing the song to walk down the isle too was sooo hard!  It was hard to find a good one with no words.
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