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Engagement gift/shower gift

Does the brides parents give an engagement present?  shower present?

Re: Engagement gift/shower gift

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    My parents gave my FI an engagement gift, and I haven't had my shower yet.
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    If they want to.

    My parents gave a shower gift, but not an engagement gift. They're paying for most of the wedding, so I wasn't expecting any additional gifts from them.

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    In my circle we don't have e-parties, so I can't answer that part.  But yes, I gave my DIL several gifts at her shower, and of course, my DD at hers.

    Just a thought:  you might want to delete this and create a screen name that doesn't include your real email address.  People have been known to spam posters who give a real address.

    And there's also a board for us moms!  On the left, use the link to special topics boards and look for Moms and Maids.  It's nice to have a place for mom questions!  I had plenty during my first 2 kids'  weddings!
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    My parents hosted our e-party so no additional gift.  My mother and my sister (my MOH) gave me a combined shower gift.  And no wedding gift, but they contributed to paying for the wedding so no gift was expected.  HTH.
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    E parties usually do not mean the couple gets gifts. My parents got us a shower gift as well as a wedding gift.

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    My parents are divorced.  My mom gave us a present at the engagement party, my dad did not.  However my dad is paying for a majority of the wedding. We didn't have the shower yet, but  my mom gave my sister a shower present at hers.
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    My parents didn't give my sister any engagement gift. My stepmother gave a bridal shower present to my sister. The present was from both my stepmother and my father (the bridal shower was ladies only). 

    My sister and my now brother-in-law didn't have an engagement party.
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    The bride's parents can throw an engagement party, to introduce FI to the bride's extended family.  But I've never heard of people bringing GIFTS to an e-party.  it's more like an open house or home party.

    The bride's mother and the bride, and sometimes the bride's grandmother or aunt, are invited to the shower as honored guests.  I've never seen the bride's mother bring a gift to be opened at the shower.  Now, I will add this:  at the last shower I went to, the bride's mother couldn't attend and the groom's mother DID attend, and the groom's mother brought a LARGE GIFT to be opened at the shower.  But then, she really is all about the SHOW of everything.

    You didn't ask about this, but I will also add that it's traditional that the MOH and BMs host the shower, and the shower is the MOH's and BM's gift to the bride.  It's NOT customary that the MOH and BMs, IN ADDITION, bring gifts to the shower.  Unless they are all about this show.  For example, at the last shower I went to, the presents were all about $40 - $50 in valude.  But the BM who felt that she should have been chosen as MOH brought one of those $425 Kitchen Aid stand mixers as her gift to the bride, saying that SHE was a much more valuable and better friend to the bride. 
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    our engagement gifts pretty much consisted of a lot of wine and some vodka lol. we didn't have a "traditional" eparty. FMIL threw us a bbq that also doubled as a bday party for me (that was a surprise). so it was very laid back and not really a eparty. most people brought something to drink with them, and we took home what was unopened (which wasn't that much, we made two trips to the liquor store that day and the bbq lasted for about 8 hours!).
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