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1 month pukey feeling/lots of checks!

I haven't posted in what seems like a while but man, people were right when they said 6, 3, then 2 months would fly!  We are 1 month away today!  I can't believe it.  Surprisingly I am only a bit pukey as we continue to get things done.  Now I am just nervous about getting enough sleep, proper nutrition (I eat crappy food/salts when I am stressed!), and getting out for a run...Also we have had MAJOR checks this past week/weekend:1. 50% of our programs are done2. 50% of our escort cards are done (needed to wait on everyone else saying "yes")3. table numbers done4. wedding party presents done and wrapped (The ladies are wrapped...)5. Mum's present wrapped6. Seating chart drafted (only 12 no's so far and other's are very likely yes's)7. Met with family friend/Day of cooridnator8. 1/2 payment to venue9. payment with photographer mailed10. guest book finished and ordered on shutterfly (25% coupons on photobooks...)11. card box done12. 1st dress fitting (only needed straps and hem alterred!)13. Hair trial done14. Met with JPPHEWWW....still can't believe 31 days til I am Mrs. C!  YIKES...

Re: 1 month pukey feeling/lots of checks!

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    ....ok pukey feeling gets a little worse when I just saw how close my countdown bride was to the groom!  I remember when it was on the 9 when I started planning! 
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    If you think the last few months have flown by...wait for this one! It goes by VERY quickly. My advice is to get as much done as you can before the week of. I have 5 days left and started to get a little stressed for the first time a few days ago when I realized what I had left. But enjoy this last month. Congrats on all the checks!
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    what great checks!! i especially love #7 since your DOC is one of my BFFs and oldest friend in the world!!! try not to stress about things like getting enough sleep and eating well...i mean, TRY as best you can, but let's be aren't going to get enough sleep, your eating habits are going to be a little screwy...and you are still going to be a gorgeous bride and have the best time ever. be kind to yourself and forgive yourself if a night goes by without doing something WR or you drink a whole bottle of wine "accidentally" or you absolutely must have a snack wrap from McDs. i found that approx 2 weeks before i didn't care about anything that wasn't finished; i just couldn't wait to get married. then, the weekend before, all of my bffs (including colleen) came to new york for the weekend for my b party and i was suddenly super motivated and had the best week of my life. you can do it! banish the pukiness!
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    Thanks Ladies!  My FI was away on his bachelor weekend so my BMs and I were super productive.   Liv- I love the "accidentally drinking a bottle of wine"...That last glass where you go...really...did that just happen? hmmm....been there before...
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    Congrats on all the checks!!
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