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I keep hearing about wedding brunches.

Who is having a brunch? Is it for the morning of your wedding? Day after wedding? What is the purpose of the brunch? Who is invited?
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Re: Brunch?

  • This is completely optional. You can invite whoever you want. I plan on having bridal party, immediate family and out of town guests

  • Well there's brunch weddings where the wedding takes place early morning and it's followed by mimosas and brunch buffet or breakfast.

    I'm not sure if mine is considered a brunch but the day after the wedding we had a few people come by to my in laws for beer and drinks and more food, (kinda like a thanksgiving leftover event) it turned out to be an all day event but it was so much fun. we talked, passed around the guestbook, shared pictures from some guests and danced some more. It was really nice to hear people's stories since as B and G you miss a lot.
  • We're having a day after brunch Most of them live OOT and don't all get together often,. We're having it at the house of one of the family members that lives in town. It'll just be a casual BBQ thing.
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  • We're not planning to, but Liatris's post is making me rethink that. We are getting married in my home town and it would be nice to spend a little extra time with people. We were leaning away from it because we already spent more than planned on the wedding.

  • Oh I see! Thanks for the ideas!

    I like the day after idea to spend time with my OOT guests.
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