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Wedding Websites for Guests

So I want to create a website for my guests to visit since most of them are out of town. My question is, what should I include on the site. Should I show all my planning? Should it be a blog? I have seen both kinds for weddings...I am not sure what I should do. Anyone have one they can show me as an example? I was thinking of using blogspot (I don't like weebly) and making it blog style, but like I said...not sure what I should include...
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Re: Wedding Websites for Guests

  • We used  Ours had a few pictures, but it was more logistical information.  I seriously doubted anyone wanted to hear about my planning or us gushing about how we met.  If our guests cared, they would ask.  

    I had maps/directions, hotel info, transportation info, and links to a few tourist things in case any OOT people wanted to do other stuff while they were in town.  
  • I have both, one for guests and one for planning.  I used the one off of TK for my guests website.  It pretty much lays everything out for you.  And has templates of what you should include.  it even has a guestbook for your friends and family to sign when they visit your website.  
  • to the girls who did the wedding website, how did you let your guests know the web address? Did you include it in the formal invitations or by word of mouth?
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  • I am going to include the website address on the STDs and on an insert in the invitations. 

  • I used the one off of the knot.  I really liked the amount of information you could put on it.  It wasn't too much, or too little.  I thought it was perfect.  I especially liked the guest book part where people could leave you messages!
  • My planning bio is through Weebly, my guest website is through Wedding Wire.  I liked the tools that Wedding Wire offered, like a very robust online RSVP, a guest book, a music request form, and so on.
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