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It seems as soon as I hit 32 in March my skin decided to retreat back to high school!  While I am thankful that I didn't go through the zit faze in my youth when kids can be so horrible to each other...I really do not want to go through it now!  
Is there anyone out there that can recommend a great skin care line?  I have tried Clinque, Proactive (which dried my skin out so bad) and since the lady that used to do my facials moved I haven't found anyone that I am comfortable with (or that aren't trying to sell me on having photorejuvination done --I would rather spend that $2300 on our wedding).  Any ideas will be awesome =)
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    You have adult skin.  Treating it like teenage skin is going to make it worse.  Find something formulated for adult skin (Aveeno and Noxema both make inexpensive lines).  Moisturize.  I'm a big believer in oil cleansing, and it's worked wonders on my dry, oily, sensitive acne prone skin.

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    [QUOTE]You have adult skin.  Treating it like teenage skin is going to make it worse.  Find something formulated for adult skin (Aveeno and Noxema both make inexpensive lines).  Moisturize.  I'm a big believer in oil cleansing, and it's worked wonders on my dry, oily, sensitive acne prone skin.
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    About a year ago I started breaking out and I find that moisturizing really helps. If I was my face but don't moisturize before I got to bed I break out. I've been using Mary Kay. Don't love it though. Wonder if there's a better line?
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    I've had bad skin for years, and I recently started getting regular microdermabrasion and facials at a spa, and between that and regularly using the products the esthetician recommended (the dermalogica line) I've found my skin is almost completely better.  

    It was definitely a moisturizing issue for me - my skin was dry, so it started over-producing oil, which led to acne.  The dermatologist I saw totally missed this and tried to treat me with drying products - I will let you guess how badly that went.  The esthetician recognized the problem immediately and set me up with cleansers and a moisturizer, and it's done wonders for me.
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    When I switch birth control pills, my skin also regressed to my mid-teenage years, but with extra dryness. Granted, I'm only in my 20s, so it's not so surprising, but it's still annoying. 

    I've tried a few things, including the same things I used to use as a teen (salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide + moisturizer), and although it got rid of the acne, the dryness was out of control. I've recently switched to the Tea Tree Oil skin clearing line from the Body Shop, and I'm fairly happy with the result. The dryness is gone, and I just have a few pimples left, which I've been treating individually with benzoyl peroxide gel and they go away quickly. 
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    I've always had acne prone skin. It cleared up for a little on its own but then back in August it returned with a vengeance. I tried a bunch of different products and then I ordered the cleanser, toner, and moisturize from the Clear line of Paula's Choice products in February. This line has made my skin the best it's ever been in my life. I also use my Clarisonic every night before bed. Paula's Choice has a few different lines to choose from based on your skin type & what you're looking to fix/help with also:  CLICKY

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    You may consider that it isn't acne but it is roseca.  I had very bad skin as a teenager and it cleared up when I went on the pill, but when I hit 26 my skin exploded.  It was red, itchy and had what appeared to be acne.  I went to the eye doctor and they were the first to classify it as roseca and then dermatologist put me on a regime of creams and now it is MUCH better!  Either way, it is important to get to a dermatologist.  My skin cleared up in like 3-4 weeks so if you start now it shouldn't take long. 
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    Maybe try using a product called Pronexin. I have always had acne prone skin and I found that using regular face wash was to harsh for my face and often times made the acne worse. My fiance found Pronexin online and suggested that I try it. I love the product, it is $30 for a bottle that typically will last about 3 months. Within about a week I started noticing a difference in my skin it was softer, my skin tone was more even, and of course a decrease in acne. Keep in mind it not a miracle product and it may not completely get rid of your acne, but I highly suggest giving it a try. Also I should add that it is made of all natural ingredients so you don't have to worry about it being to harsh on your face. Hope this helps!
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    I started using Acneefree. Its similar to proactive, but they have different formulas. I suggest using the sensitive skin one, and make sure you moisturize, and if you wear foundation that you are using an oil free non comedogenic formulated foundation. Also if you use sponges or brushes that you clean them regularly or replace (in the case of sponges). But the best advice I saw was to go to the esthetician, or a dermatologist if it's in your budget/have healthcare coverage.
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