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Come share a funny/ridiculous in-law story!

My FMIL just called and asked if I could come to her house to change a lightbulb that burned out. She claims she doesn't know how, and she would call my fiance but he's away on a business trip. Really?? You need me to come over there to show you how to change a lightbulb?? LOL!

She's sweet but clueless, as you can see from that gem. Anyone else have a funny/ridiculous in-law story?

Re: Come share a funny/ridiculous in-law story!

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    My FMIL got me a blank journal for my birthday last year. plain cover, blank inside. I thought for sure it was a regifted item. FI proposed to me 2 weeks later, and then she told me she got me the journal for wedding planning, but why would you get me something for wedding planning before im engaged? it was strange but funny.
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    I dont have a IL funny story right now. . .at least not that I can think of right now.

    However, a couple years ago, around 3am a friend called. She was staying at your BF's place, which was about 3 blocks away from me. I answered the phone, half asleep and she was hysterical. Apparently their pet mouse died and she didnt know what to do, but couldn't stop thinking about it and go to sleep. She wanted me to come over to throw it away. I had an exam the next morning and so I told her 'sorry, but I can't'. She lost her $hit and that was the beginning of the long grudge she continues to hold against me. Whatev . . . ;)
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    Lucy, that's funny.

    If we're going into funny gifts. . .
    One of my old coworkers (she was a really sweet old lady)  gave us a frame, backing for the frame and a poster that was supposed to be like a marriage certificate. I mean, it was sweet, but not something we would every use. The kicker of it though was that the poster said the year, where you fill in the date. It was for 1999. Yeah. . .we got married in 2010 ;) lol.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Come share a funny/ridiculous in-law story!</a>:
    [QUOTE]The first time I met my FMIL was when my FI and I met up with her to see The Princess and the Frog at the movie theaters. At the concession stand she purchased some orange juice and asked for a cup of ice. Inside the theater she pulled out a little bottle of Grey Goose and from her purse and made herself a screwdriver!
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    I love it.  Strange thing is, I could see my FMIL doing this.  She is Russian and drinks a big 16-20oz beer with dinner, and sometimes another one before bed.  Now' when I go over she'll ask if I want to drink with her.  I don't think I could keep up with her, being the lightweight that I am.
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    @lstruggles at first I laughed! I thought she was joking. But when I realized she truly didn't know how to do it I explained it to her over the phone. In her defense, it was a bit of a weird light fixture (the type attached to a ceiling), but come on! Haha. Luckily she figured it out.

     @ChristineNB, I am so jealous that your MIL is handy!! Fine can't fix ANYTHING, as you can tell from my story. She also is clueless with technology. She will call my fiance wanting him to come over and do computer troubleshooting at 11pm on a week night. Luckily he puts his foot down! Usually it's not a problem that she lives 5 minutes away from us, though (surprisingly!) She works most nights/weekends with her job, so my fiance and I don't see her more than once every couple of weeks.
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    A few years into our relationship, we decided it was time for me to meet my now-FIL (DH's parents are divorced).  We figured out a couple weekends that would be good for us to travel so I could meet him and DH's middle brother, but we had one specific weekend in mind.  When we called FIL up, he excitedly told us that the weekend we proposed would actually be a great weekend to come up, because that was the date of the family reunion!  Now, my FIL is #11 of 14 siblings, and everyone has at least 5 kids each.  I was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.  It was fun, though.

    So, yeah, not that great a story, but I remember a thread about this like a year or so ago either here or on TN, but I'm pretty sure it was here.  There was a regular poster who had just a nightmarish MIL and had this crazy story about how her MIL had had everyone in the family over for Thanksgiving dinner and had set up a separate table in the hallway for her to eat at!  She had some amazing stories...
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    I have a ton of ridiculous FMIL stories, but the most recent:

    FI and I have been engaged for a few weeks, but he had the ring for two weeks before that. He had it sent to his house, but since his mom was home, she signed for it. She didn't really know what it was, but she suspected. The only thing she said to him about it was "You better have a date picked out." She never mentioned that she thought it was an engagement ring, or a congratulations, but "You better have a date." That's fine, he hadn't proposed yet so there was nothing to congratulate, but really, a date? Then within three days of being engaged, she asked four more times. The wedding isn't for 2.5 years, I think we have a little bit of time. But, I could be wrong.
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    This is more ridiculous and sad than funny. So my FI and I have been seeing each other for around 3 years now and got engaged 7 months ago. FI is very close with his family and we both see them about once a week. Well the last time we went to dinner FI's grandmother asked FI's mom how to spell my last name (understandable because my name is all consonants) and his mother said she doesn't even know my last name!!! We've been together for 3 years now and she hasn't even taken the time to learn her only sons future wifes last name! She had to ask me what my last name was in front of everyone and after I told her my FFIL looked at her and said, "why does it matter? We're making her get rid of it soon."

    All this made me want to keep my last name even more!
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    My FI is the only son and my FMIL  can be very possessive of him.  We have been together for almost 7 years and she barely ever talks to me.  Before my FI was going to propose to me, he brought my engagement ring home to show his family.  When his mother came in she picked up the ring and said "oh what a beautiful ring you bought from ME." and then put the ring on HER FINGER.  My FI told her is was going to be my engagement ring.  She took it off, slammed it in his hand and left the room.  We got engaged that night and it took her 2 months to call me on the phone to congratulate us.  And even then she was just full of excuses. 

    * Note, even though my FI and I, are both Mexican- Amcericans,  his mother is from Mexico and is very traditional.  Which is why there are issues between us, she has always wanted my FI to marry a traditional "Mexican girl" (whatever that means).

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