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Help anyone have any ideas?

I have about 16 of my invites done. I had vellum printed with our names on them, then the formal invatation underneath. So i hole punched them and pulled and organza ribbon through it and glued a square blue gem that looks like seaglass on them. The problem is it takes me 2 to 3 hours to get 4 bows done so they do not look funny. I keep trying for that perfect bow with no bump in it. They look good, maybe i am to picky. Any easy ideas on how to speed up this process. As my wedding party is busy with their lives and my mom lives out of state. I just think that they look uneven. I need a better way to tie the bows and things would move alot faster(lol). I am so frustrated i could scream!

Re: Help anyone have any ideas?

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    Any other family members or co-workers who would be willing to help? Sometimes when I need crafty help I ask the staff at Joann Fabrics for advice. You would be sooo suprised what they know.
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    What a great day, my future sister in law (Matron of Honor) was able to help me. She tied a perfect bow and we switched the ribbon to a wired organza. All 50 invites are done . She also wrote all the R.S.V.P. envelopes for me. Just need to address the invites and she said she would help on Thursday. They came out awesome and look so tropical ! I still can not tie a good bow(lol). Also got my last four wedding party gifts at things remembered . What a perfect day with some great checks complete.

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