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Does anyone have any good ideas of what to get their bridesmaid for gifts. I have already got them jewelry but I feel like I should get them something else because they are important to me and they deserve one more thing.

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  • If the jewelry is something you want them to wear with the dresses then I wouldn't really consider that a gift. I would get them something else as well.
  • Shop for them like it is their birthday and get them gifts that they will each enjoy.

    I was in a wedding last year and I got jewelry for the wedding and a pink tote with all pink stuff in it because that was one of the wedding colors.  I hate pink so I wasn't a fan of that present at all and gave it all to my little sister the next day, including the jewelry.
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  • Shop for them individually.  You know them and their personalities.  We don't.  Totes, jewelry, picture frames, and everything else in the world that screams bridesmaid gift sends the message that you didn't give it any thought.  

    Think about what you would get them if it wasn't related to your wedding.  For example, I got one girl concert tickets to a show she wanted to see.  It was perfect, because it was something she really wanted.  
  • I bought my posse custom made cosmetics bags (from etsy), I picked the fabrics based on each girl's preferences. I filled them with mini-size shower gel and lotions in fragrances I chose for each person (from, plus these awesome fizzy bath pearls and pretty soaps. I bought each one a small satin-covered photo album and magnetic notepads. Put all the items in a pretty gift box and tied with a wide satin ribbon.
  • I'm asking each of my BM that if their birthday was coming up, what would they love?? Ditto on shopping for each person individually. I know the bags with monograms/bridesmaids are cute but they are not practical. I also put myself in their shoes, would I want that as a gift? Just ask them each what they are loving right now and if it is within budget, that's their gift! =)
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  • Thank you girl so much for the idea. I am having such a hard time with this because I don't want to be too cheesy. I like the idea of the make up bags but didn't want didn't know if the girls would like them or think im a cornball. lol
  • No problem! As for makeup bags they are not cheesy or corny, I love makeup and I would love something like that. But does every girl love makeup? That is something to consider. I know my sister is bringing a lot of jewelry with her so I am getting her a cute jewelry roll, but not my other BMs since they aren't wearing a much as she is. So just personalize it to her individual style and nothing can be cheesy or corny!! =)
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  • My employers sister makes purses (they are totally cute) so I'm getting each girl that and then going to fill it with stuff they might need that day (Asprin, tampon, etc.) going to put their jewelery in the bag and then a few personalized items that I've chosen for them! The purses have some of our wedding colors in them but not monogramed (that way if they really don't like it they don't have to keep it!)

    GL! There are so many different choices you could do!!!!!
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  • The bags I bought are so cute they could be used as clutch purses... they're about 4" x 8" with a wrist strap. :)

    I bought them from Lireca on

  • I have seen cute bags filled with beauty stuff.  Like nail polish, loufas, candles, at home beauty recipes printed on cute little cards.  I would just stay away from soaps because some people have very sensitive skin.  I love a gift that is useful.
  • You should shop for your bridesmaids like it's for their birthdays.  If you shop for them as friends rather than bridesmaids, it's much more likely that they'll ever use their presents again after the wedding and that they'll actually like them.
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  • I bought each girl a purse based on what I knew they would like(it is the real present) and am filling them with stuff they may need the day of (lip gloss, tylenol, band-aids, etc).  My aunt is writing a poem to stick in with the stuff about how important they all are to me and how I could not have survived the wedding planning without them.  It is their survival kit for the "day of"
  • Cray, I'm doing something similar! 

    My 2 MOHs are my sisters. They don't have nice clutch purses, so I was going to buy them each one, which then evolved into Coach clutches (they have casual ones, so I got nice patent leather, nicer ones). I am also adding a baggy with day-of cutesy stuff, but they can either use it or toss it afterwards. They will also each get a (small) gift card to their favorite stores. 

    My brother/groomsman's birthday is during our HM, so I'm getting him a mall gift card to combine his gm and birthday gifts. He's turning 16 so it's just better for both of us if he picks out his own stuff!

    As said by pp, nothing for your wedding is a gift to them. I will also be giving my girls flip flops and MOH tanks (because we all love flip flops and will use the tanks for layers afterwards). But those aren't "gifts" because really, they're for my day.
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  • I got kinda matching, but each different, antique lockets with a new sunflower stamped face from I LOVE the website!  Lots of antique/handmade stuff to choose from! :)
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