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Alternatives to an ice sculpture??

Hey everyone- I'm getting into my planning - set a date and reception venue - but I'm looking for a creative alternative to having an ice sculpture at my reception. My wedding will be black tie optional so It's formal...I just don't particularly like ice sculptures. I know I don't HAVE to have one but was wondering if anyone had any ideas instead?


Re: Alternatives to an ice sculpture??

  • I think dessert bars can be just as pretty and classy as a sculpture if done right.
  • i dont get this idea of an "alternative" to an ice sculpture. if you are simply trying to impress your guests having an ice sculpture or any other thing that every other bride on "platinum weddings" had it's not going to be very impressive. IMO just save your money and do something extravagant on your honeymoon.
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  • I don't get why you need an "alternative" ... I've only seen an ice sculpture at a wedding once (Well, excepting weddings on tv) ... and the couple that had it told us later on that they only had it because their venue gave it to them for free because something trivial went wrong and it was a compensation thing.

    If you have extra money lying around in the budget for this and you don't want it, why don't you spend the money on something else that's not decor related? Like maybe have a dessert bar or Vienese table in addition to the cake? Or perhaps splurge on something like a better photography package?

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  • Hi everyone, the only reason I am looking for an alternative is that the cocktail area is pretty large and the ice sculpture is generally at the center of the apptizers. There's generally one at all of the weddings in my family. I'll keep looking.
  • mocha beansmocha beans member
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    Maybe just do a large display of flowers?  Like some sumberged orchids in various sizes vases.


    You could do a bunch more in taller vases to create a dramatic centerpiece.
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    You could just do a really tall floral centerpiece, or maybe an actual sculpture?  I think I'd need to know a little more about your wedding (colors, venue, general themes) to know what would look best.

    I think the majority of posters here have never been to a black tie event, so it's hard for us to understand needing an ice sculpture, let alone an alternative to one.  I've never actually seen an ice sculpture in person in any setting.
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    [QUOTE]Maybe just do a large display of flowers?  Like some sumberged orchids in various sizes vases. You could do a bunch more in taller vases to create a dramatic centerpiece.
    Posted by mocha beans[/QUOTE]

    This is a gorgeous idea!!! Thanks <img src="" border="0" alt="Laughing" title="Laughing" />
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