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Anxious -cross post with NJ

Our wedding is more than 18 months away, we won't even be looking at venues in person for another 2 weeks, and I am still getting trapped in little details. If this continues for the whole of planning, I do not know how I am going to make it through!  Add to the stress that I am in graduate school, so I should really just be focusing on work and finding an internship.
Things I have thought about recently:-should we have a receiving line?-what to write to my fiance in our cards to each other on wedding day-who will be in my wedding party when some of my friends may be moving out of country (I don't even want to pick until next year)-first dance songs
I am also a little nervous about how my mom and I will do through the process. So far things are great, and she has really listened to what I want.  Any advice to remaining rational? Maybe I should block TK on my web browser Wink
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Re: Anxious -cross post with NJ

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    First RELAX, and ENJOY as much as you can, it sounds like you have your plate full!!  I know easier said than me I GAD-anixety disorder, and planning our wedding has put it into overdrive

    I got engaged with 22months and we are currently down to 8 months, the time does go fast but just try to focus on just what needs to be done right now, USE the timeline here on the KNOt as a guideline on what you should be working on, it helps keep you right on track

    Get as organized as possible, I was not at the start and ended feeling overwhelmed because I didnt know what i needed to be working on and was biting off more than I needed too.

    Hope this helps!!  Everything will come together  Laughing

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