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Can Wednesday Be Eliminated?-NWR

The last three Wednesday's have been stressful and frustrating.  Each one worse than the last. 
Two weeks ago, I spent Wednesday freaking out that my guest list was too long and that we might have to change our venue and officiant for other reasons. 
Last week, my old man cat died at about 16 years old.  I left class to answer my phone because my stepdad doesn't call unless it's important.  I then went back into class and finished the project while trying not to be sad or start crying.
This week, a good friend of ours told my FI that he has testicular cancer and is having surgery tomorrow (today now).  He's only 27.  It was caught early and he should be fine, but that was not a happy conversation. 
Later on the same fabulous day, one of our other good friends (both these guys are groomsmen) told my FI that he just got out of jail after 23 hours.  Long story short, his now ex-gf assaulted him, he declined to press charges.  The next day, she got another friend of ours to go with her to the police in a different borough, press charges, and get a restraining order against him.  The guy is not the kind to do this, and she's just lying her a$$ off and we don't know why. 


If anyone actually read all this, thanks for listening to my rant.  Off to bed in the hopes that tomorrow will be a better day.
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Re: Can Wednesday Be Eliminated?-NWR

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    Yay for Thursday! I'm sorry the past few weeks have been stressful... It sounds like everything will work out for the best eventually, even though currently they blow. (hugs)
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