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November Colors?

Any suggestions from my gals out there having a November wedding?
I'm just getting started planning and need some color palette suggestions.

Re: November Colors?

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    That depends on if you're going with any particular theme, or if you're sticking with the season.
    If you want to go with seasonal colors you can go with your rich golden colors. Think of leaves changing colors. Golds, browns, reds, etc.
    You can even take a look at a couple of the reception ideas or bouquets to get ideas on how the colors work together before deciding.
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    If there is an active November wedding board for your year, you might want to visit it.  If it's not active yet, it will be!

    I was married last November and my colors were black/champagne/ivory with gold linens and I did all white flowers.

    The chocolate brown with fall flowers is also very beautiful--but it's done alot.
  • We are using eggplant, ivory, and apple green.
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  • I'm using cranberry and gold because of this googled gem:

  • I'm using cranberry and gold because of this googled gem.
  • I'm getting married in June but I really wanted to get married in October/November just so I could use the colors Eggplant and Ivory like above. I wasn't real sure about the 3rd color but I just LOVE the dark purple.
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    There is a fall board as well.   You don't have to use specific colors in the fall, if there is a color you truly love use it! (as long as FI is also ok with said color)

    that blog is AWESOME! and full of tons of color ideas. 
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  • I am thinking about a November wedding as well. I was thinking of metalic bronze and ivory colors with a hint of deep red (cranberry). But, I am having difficulty finding the right metalic color without it looking cheesy, so I may do the deep brown (mocha latte) for the girls and an ivory/champagne for myself. This coupled with the broght oranges and reds should be really nice. I know it is done alot, but I am really fair skinned and I have always loved fall and the fall colors.
    I was also thinking more along the lines of apples, leaves, pumpkins, etc mixed with the centerpieces instead of just flowers.
  • I'm getting married this November and we are using a pumpkin orange and olive green.
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