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We need everyones support and help:)

My fiance and I are in a contest to win free photography and as most people on this site know weddings are very expensive so every little thing will help.

Here how you can help us. (BTW if you want to get to know us look at our website on here"> or email us)

We need ALL the votes we can get so if you have more then on email or have friends and family who would be willing to vote for us that would be great!!!

FYI  This isnt spam its just so much to type so I copy and pasted.  Also if there is ANYONE that needs help with anything like this let us know we will do our best to help you win or do what it is your need help with:)
We are in the running for $2000 worth of photography for FREE considering that is more then half of our budget right now WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!! Please remember by liking us on facebook does not count as a vote in the end. At this point we have a ton of likes but just a few votes. We need more votes!!

Just click on the link register and then vote for us! We would be so happy!! Thank you guys SO much for all your support and remember it wouldn't hurt our feelings if you wanted to create an event invitation also to get more votes:) or at least pass the link on:) Thanks again!


Ok, there might be some confusion with how the voting works for the relive the dream giveaway. Here's a rundown on how it works.
1. Click this link

2. Click on the link under the picture that says Vote. This will bring you to a screen that says you have to register to vote. It only takes about 30 seconds to register.
3. Fill in the registration form, click on the I accept box and register.
4. Check your email, they will send you a verification email before you can login and vote. Click on the link to verify your email and login to
5. Click on Monica's name on the right hand side.
6. Click on the Vote link and you're all done.

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