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XP: RSVP card question

What can I do to make this shorter?

Here's my RSVP card. Seems like info overload!

How's this: 
Come Celebrate With Us!We have reserved  __ seat(s) reserved in your honor m_____________________________ ____ Graciously accepts  ___Regretfully Declines     Please initial by your selection_____Rockfish tacos _____Chicken Ceasar Salad _____Angus Burger _____Vegetarian Pasta Fra’Diavolo Please RSVP By July 18, 2012
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Re: XP: RSVP card question

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    First of all...I like how you put...we have reserved x # of seats in your honor! I hsould have thought of that bc now i have ppl trying to bring plus ones and they were not invited with a plus one!

    The only changes I would make are:

    We have reserved _ seat(s) in your honor
    *dont have reserved twice*

    other than that, there really isnt much you can cut. depending on where your invitations are coming from, you may only be able to include three meal choices. (that is what happened with my invites). in that case, just drop the vegetarian option. and if you have a few guests that you know are  vegetarian (we only had 2), just drop them an email or phone call letting them know that you can get them a vegetarian meal if they need one. :)
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    Haha-oops on the double Reserved. I've been playing with it alot as you can tell.

    I'm making my invites myself so the menu isn't listed anywhere else (no menu card). Thats why I wanted it to kind of be a little more thorough instead of just "salad" "burger" "tacos" etc.

    I actually don't even think I know any vegetarians coming to the wedding, but wanted to throw that in just in case!
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    Ovbiously with the 'double reserved' correction, everything else looks great. I'd leave it as is.

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    wooooooooo thanks!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: XP: RSVP card question</a>:
    [QUOTE]Thats why I wanted it to kind of be a little more thorough instead of just "salad" "burger" "tacos" etc.
    Posted by Rachel405[/QUOTE]

    I think it's a great idea to state "chicken caesar salad" rather than just "salad." Sounds more yummy that way! Hehe. And on a side note I would be totally excited if I attended a wedding that offered me an angus burger as a dinner selection. :)
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    Chels-it's an indoor/outdoor lunch wedding which is why the menu is so "simple". Def wouldn't serve burgers it was dinner! And Lucy, thanks-that gave me 3 words to cut!
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    In addition to the other changes the PPs have mentioned, I might think twice about putting the actual meals on your RSVPs ... I was going to do that, but then our stationer cautioned that stuff happens, your menu might change, and then you're stuck with having given guests very specific choices.
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