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Okay for starters I have never had any kind of waxing done other than my eyebrows. I would like to get my legs and private area waxed so I am "clean" for the wedding and honeymoon. How soon before should I go?

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    Jager1219Jager1219 member
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    Since it's your first time waxing, go now (since the wedding is 6 months away).  You don't know how your body will react and it's not something you want to try for the first time right before the wedding/HM.
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    misshart00misshart00 member
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    I'd say just a couple days. If you want to be really smooth, I wouldn't do it more than a week before your wedding. ETA: and what Jager said. Do it once now and see how you like it and how long it lasts.
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    The first time I waxed, it grew back quicker. I'd definitely try it before. The worst part for me is waiting to 3 weeks for it to grow out. 
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    I agree with PPs to go now and see how your body reacts. There have been a few occasions where I've broken out from waxing.  

    Are you planning on doing an airbrush tan for your wedding?  If so, that will play a part in when you get waxed.  My MUA (who also did my airbrush tan) recommended that I get waxed at least 24 hours before my appointment.  My wedding was a Friday.  I went for brow and bikini waxing the previous Saturday, then for my tan that Wednesday.
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    Maybe just try the "airstrip" wax to see how it goes.  Then you can do the full monty if that goes well.
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    Great thanks everyone, I will make an appointment and see how it goes
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    Do it now like the ladies said and see what you think.  Take a pain reliever about 20 min before your appointment.  
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:14Discussion:b3e55a96-47e1-4ed5-b884-5b92891f1410Post:451d32b9-cce2-4593-baca-4cc87ce4909f">Re: Waxing</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Waxing : The "airstrip" literally waxes everything else EXCEPT the strip on the front, including the labia and anal area.  It is what most salons consider a Brazillian.  If OP just wantes the sides cleaned up, she should do a Bikini.  If she wants something between that and a Brazillian or BW, she needs to talk to the salon and see what her options are and what the charges are.
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    That's true.  A bikini would be better for a starter wax or like you said talk to the salon and see what else they have for her to choose from. 
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    I got my second wax ever about a week and a half before the wedding.  I recommend going only three or four days before the wedding.  I just got a bikini and it was starting to grow back by the last few days of the honeymoon (about 3.5 weeks later).
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