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I am sure you have heard by now that Northern Colorado has lost 50,000+ acres (and still growing) to a fire since mid-day Saturday.  My roller derby league is planning on holding a fundraiser at our next bout July 14, 2012.  We have picked two charities that are helping those who have been displaced/lost homes/businesses due to this massive fire.  They are asking at this time for money donations only.  Can anyone give me some unique ways to get people who will be at our bout to donate?  We will have some of our juinor (kid) skaters walking the crowd with change buckets to collect spare change that people would like to donate and we are also working with the venue to see if they are willing to donate a percentage of the tickets sold.  But any other ideas (besides a pie in the face or something along those lines)?  Open to suggestions!

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    That is a great idea Linger.  We could even put a spin on it being that we are derby girls and many of us have outrageous hair, that we could talk a skater into dying their hair a "normal" color for the remainder of the season.  (I know my mom would throw down some serious $$$$ for me not to have black & purple hair on my wedding day lol.)
    Make jokes. No stress. Love. Live. Life. Proceed. Progress.
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    Maybe you can have people sign up to "sponsor" a player (roller? I don't know the terminology, sorry!) so that every time that player makes a specific move or scores, people donate a fixed sum of money.
    Do you have merchandise? Maybe a certain amount of merchandise profits for the day as well.
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    I like all the ideas and I wanted to say I think it's awesome too that you are doing this! My sister lives in Colorado and just came in for the wedding last night. She said the woman who passed away is related to a friend of to hear you guys are doing this is pretty cool! Good Luck and hope you raise lots of $$$$
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    So awesome you are doing this. We get wildfire damage here too - it is devastating. Are any of the girls in the league single? Maybe auction off a date (public place, meet at the place, safety and all) with some of them, if they're willing? Or if you have any guys who work for the team in a support role, auction off dates with them? That might be safer. Could you charge people to "skate with the team"? Our local hockey team used to do that and it was a big hit. Good luck!
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