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A little bit of a vent & Some GOOD NEWS

With 116 days to go until the big day, I can honestly say I can't wait!! But let me just tell you the road getting her has been rough!!

  • moved the venue 3 times
  • financial snags
  • had to completely replan the ceremony 3 times
  • had a bridesmaid cause tons of family drama (or try to anyway) 
  • had to cut her from the bridal party
  • photographer flaked
But who cares it's all in the past!!! On to the good news!!!In the last few days plus the weeks to come everything finally has fallen into place!
  • Gown & vail bought
  • bridesmaids dresses picked
  • one fitting: Done
  • One fitting: next week
  • reception venue hunting day after tomorrow
  • completely done planning the wedding
  • Got a new photographer 
  • remaining item's to buy budget is complete
I'm soooooo happy!!!
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Re: A little bit of a vent & Some GOOD NEWS

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    Congratulations!! I hope your day is as perfect as it possibly can be! Best Wishes!
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    Congrats!!! I can't wait until I feel like I have it together. I'm jealous!
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    You're done with everything, but you're still venue hunting?  I may have lost something there in the translation.
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    I'm 38 days to go and had to find a new caterer , pretty sure we are good now but it's stressfull
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    Just to clarify we were just looking for a place for our recpetion because our ceremony is an outdoor ceremony. But just for my sanity's sake I wanted an indoor reception venue that was large enuogh and perfect enough to hold the ceremony JUST IN CASE there was any sort of incliment weather. (being May you never know.)

    But we found a perfect place and I love it! and I really am excited!!

    Also the photographer we had was not a profession but a friend who does photography as a hobby and he also did our engagment photos and he was doing it for us as a favor/wedding gift. But I believe since he got a new job doesn't have the time and doesn't want to have to tell us so is just ignoring our questions about his commitments. No big deal!!!  My sister-in-law who is amazing has a cousin that is a professional photographer and is willing to do our photos with the same agreement that we had with the original guy. Which is such a life saver!!!

    And the estranged bridesmaid is my Fiance's brother's new wife. She has never been a bridesmaid before and doesn't want to do anything that isn't on her time schedule and I understand she is pregnant and has special conditions and I bent over backwards to include her and she just wasn't having it. So since I won't let her turn my wedding into an event about her and her new baby she isn't speaking to me....

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