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snarky DH

my DH decided to go hunting this morning. this is after working 8pm to 3am, so he left the house at 5am and hasnt stopped or slept till now which is 415am. wow he has been miserable to be around today. flipping out about little things, and being generally inconsiderate all day. he admits this but has still been a major butthead. anyone else dealing with this

Re: snarky DH

  • Whenever either Tim or I are cranky we'll tell each other "You're being shiity".

    That usually snaps us out of it and makes us realize that it's not the other person's fault.
  • When FI is being crabby I tell him to "Go play golf".  It is code for get out of the house before I kill you, LOL!  He works 24 hour shifts and refuses to nap when he gets home if I am home because he "wants to spend time with me".  That is sweet but defeats the purpose when you are tired and crabby!

  • DH and I don't do well when 1 or both of us is hungry. We've actually difused potential arguments by saying "Hold that thought, put your shoes on, we're going to McDonald's" or something.

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  • yeah i feel you on the hungry thing. i am not a happy hungry person
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